Final 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Final 2017 NFL Mock Draft
By Nick Beare

Full disclosure: I am not an NFL insider. I don’t pretend to try and predict trades. I don’t have connections with teams or front-office executives. I didn’t interview any players for this piece. I am no more qualified to predict what will happen on April 28 than any other basement-dwelling braggart. That said, my intentions are pure. Mock drafts are a guilty pleasure of mine and I know I’m not the only one. So, using a combination of film study, team needs and rumours from real analysts, I’m diving in to try and predict what I think will happen with the small caveat that the specific players I choose are less relevant than the position, or, more specifically, the type of player chosen (Ex. a speed receiver vs a big-bodied possession guy). Enjoy:


1.       browns

Myles Garrett, EDGE, Texas A&M

The consensus number one choice for months now. There have been rumours Trubisky is the pick. I think it would be a huge mistake, but it’s the Browns. It could happen.

2.   49ersb_logo  

Jamal Adams, Safety, LSU   

Garrett would be the pick if the Browns go with a QB at 1. Many insiders have Adams here and although it could easily be Thomas or Lattimore, this seems like a logical, solid, can’t miss pick for new Niners GM John Lynch. He can’t afford to miss on this one.


Solomon Thomas, EDGE, Stanford

The player many think will be the second pick falls to Chicago at 3. Thomas is a versatile player that can win on the outside and kick inside on passing downs. Solid foundational piece for John Fox’s defense. Adams could be the pick if Trubisky goes number 1.


Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson   

Leonard Fournette has been mocked here for months. That’s why I don’t think he’ll be the pick. Tom Coughlin has no ties to Blake Bortles, and getting a new QB SHOULD be Coughlin’s top priority. This team can’t make the leap we’re all predicting until they fix that position. Watson may not be a superstar, but he can evolve into a league average QB, and that’s a big upgrade for this team.

5.  titans

Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

The Titans have stated they are trying to trade this pick. Now, if Trubisky isn’t the top pick, this is a prime spot for Cleveland to move up from 12 to take him here. According to reports, the Titans are looking to add both a corner and a receiver early in the draft and I believe this pick could quite easily be either. It’s the big-bodied Williams for now.


Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

The top talent at corner falls to the Jets and they promptly sprint up the the podium to make their selection.

7.   chargers

Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

This pick just makes so much sense. It’s almost so obvious that I don’t want to predict it. There are whispers of Christian McCaffrey going here.


Christian McCaffrey, Running Back, Stanford

As a Bucs fan it pains me to make this selection, but it really is a great fit. The Panthers need to keep Cam Newton healthy, and putting the ball in McCaffrey’s hands is a great way to do that. And yes, I think he can be a primary ball carrier between the tackles.


Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

People pretty connected with the Bengals have been saying for a while the team will not pass on Fournette if he’s there at 9. I don’t see Foster going here. It could be an edge rusher is the backs go early.


Jonathan Allen, Defensive End, Alabama

Trubisky is a legitimate option for the Bills here. The owner doesn’t take a private jet to see a player unless the team is serious about him. That said, I think the Browns likely jump in front to grab him, and Allen falling here is too good to pass up. Allen could easily go in the top 3.


Reuben Foster, Linebacker, Alabama

The Saints need defensive help in the worst way. There’s a lot of talk that character concerns will push him down or out of the first. I’m not buying it. Foster is one of the top five prospects in this draft an will be a star in the NFL at middle linebacker.

12.     browns

Mitchell Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

The Browns finally get their guy. It’s no secret they covet Ohio-native Trubisky, the question is whether he actually be available at 12. I think they will have to trade up to get him. But in this scenario, they get him while staying put.


Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback, Texas Tech

Cardinals GM Steve Keim must be looking at his roster and seeing what the rest of us do. An aging Quarterback, a Head Coach who has hinted at retirement and a star receiver in the twilight of his career. All that said, he needs to set up this team, that already fields a defense set to win now, with it’s future signal-caller. Pat Mahomes has the arm talent to be that guy.

14.      eaglesb_logo         

Charles Harris, EDGE, Missouri

Corner is a clear need for the Eagles, as is running back. This would have been a great landing spot for Gareon Conley, but with sexual assault allegations hanging over his head, Philly turns to a pass rusher in the first. Harris is one of several options just outside the top tier that would be available. It just depends on how the Eagles rank them.


Derek Barnett, EDGE, Tennessee

Another pass rusher goes here. I don’t think a guy like Lamp is out of the question in an attempt to finalize their O-Line, but Barnett, who many have going earlier than this, is too good to pass up. I’m scared by his relative lack of athleticism, but he’s a true sack artist who knows how to reach the QB. The Colts don’t have a guy who can do that.

16.    ravensb_logo

Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama 

I’m so tempted to put Corey Davis here. And I think O.J. Howard falling to this point would be a little shocking and would be a great pick for Ozzie Newsome. But there are a lot of well-connected people who are saying the Ravens quietly covet Robinson. He has the highest ceiling of any of the tackle prospects.


Haason Reddick, Linebacker, Temple

Reddick’s workout at the combine boosts his draft spot into the late teens. He’s a freaky athlete who can rush off the edge, but projects as an off-the-ball linebacker in the NFL.

18.   titans

Forrest Lamp, Offensive Guard, Western Kentucky

Maybe the best offensive lineman in the draft, Lamp is a ten-year starter who solidifies an already stout group up front for the Titans.

19.    Bucsb_logo       

O.J. Howard, Tight End, Alabama 

Probable? No. Plausible? Well, are any of the above picks unrealistic? I don’t think teams are thrilled with taking a tight end in the top ten, and although his fall would likely induce someone to jump up to grab him, I don’t think the Bucs could pass this up. Howard is a fantastic prospect who can quite literally do it all.


Garrett Bolles, Offensive Tackle, Utah

Don’t be fooled by the additions of Menelik Watson and Ronald Leary. The Broncos still need long-term help along the O-Line, especially at tackle. Bolles may not have the ceiling that a couple other prospects have, but he’s the most NFL-ready.


Taco Charlton, EDGE, Michigan

Ziggy Ansah is entering his contract year and the Lions are lacking talent across their front seven anyway. An upgrade is needed and Charlton would be a solid addition.


Takkarist McKinley, EDGE, UCLA

The Dolphins need to help their aging pass rush. McKinley is a clean prospect with the length and traits to develop into a solid rusher.

23.   giantsb_logo     

David Njoku, Tight End, Miami

OBJ, Brandon Marshall and David Njoku stretching the seam? Whew. What an addition this would be for Eli Manning and co. A man that big should not be able to move that quickly.


Jarrad Davis, Linebacker, Florida 

The Raiders don’t have a ton of holes to fill. An upgrade at corner is a possibility, but the Raiders are pretty weak in the middle of their defense.


Ryan Ramczyk, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

The Texans would love to add a tackle here and one falls to them in this scenario. If the top QB’s slip, this is a definite landing spot.


Jordan Willis, EDGE, Kansas State

The Seahawks need tackles. In this scenario, however, none happen to be available. I think they’re next choice is a pass rusher.


Kevin King, Cornerback, Washington

Many are predicting a Chiefs trade up to grab a Quarterback, namely Pat Mahomes. If that doesn’t happen, I think adding another long, athletic corner across from Marcus Peters makes a lot of sense.


Adoree Jackson, Cornerback, USC

This is such a Jerry Jones pick. Jackson is a track star who is focusing on football for the first time. His cover skills need work but, he’s a great athlete than will at minimum make an impact in the return game as a rookie.


Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

The Packers desperately need help at corner. Ted Thompson has a ‘type’ of player he likes to draft, and Humphrey fits that mold.


Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, Western Kentucky

This would be a huge get for Pitt in my opinion. He could easily go much earlier than this, but what an add it would be for Big Ben & co.


Derek Rivers, EDGE, Youngstown State

I think this is a good spot for Rivers and it adds another rusher for the Falcons who suddenly boast a beastly defensive front.


(from Patriots) Tre’Davious White, Cornerback, LSU

The Saints add to their putrid defense with White. You could easily flip the two picks I have here for them (in terms of position) and I don’t think anyone would be surprised. They need to go defense heavy in this draft.

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